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Meet Eric Thompson, PE Teacher!

For those who have been following the school's journey since the beginning, we know you will recognize this guy. Before there was an official board, Eric was spending months praying and researching about a Christian High School for Sandpoint. Eric, one of the co-founders of Valor, has been instrumental in getting Valor started. And now, we have the privilege of him as our P.E. teacher!

Eric has a diverse background, combining military service, business expertise, and a passion for spiritual growth and family. With a distinguished 10-year career in the military, Eric developed the values of discipline, leadership, and teamwork.

Driven by a desire to continuously learn and develop Christlikeness, Eric pursued higher education and obtained a Master's degree in Christian Leadership. This educational journey not only enhanced his leadership abilities but also instilled in him a strong sense of integrity, compassion, and moral values through a Biblical worldview.

When asked what gets him excited most about teaching at Valor, he said "I am looking forward to teaching in an environment that focuses on God's structure and goodness; as well as encouraging students to seek the Lord through all facets of education."


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