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ACSI Accreditation

We are engaged in the rigorous accreditation process with ACSI. Our goal is to host their visit early spring next year and receive accreditation by the end of this school year.

The general process of accreditation is so thorough it will help us identify where we need to improve, see what we are doing well, and see where to put additional effort as we mature and grow. ACSI excels at helping schools level-up and become successful long-term. We are excited about how this will help us ensure the long-term success of Valor.

Not only is the outcome of this process full accreditation by ACSI but additionally we will also be immediately eligible for accreditation by Cognia (the same organization that accredits all of the local public schools). ACSI's standards are so high that Cognia will issue us accreditation immediately without any additional process. This means that we'll be a joint accredited private school- a significant marker of legitimacy and quality in the eyes of many parents and higher-education institutions.


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