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Bible Study Group

Why Valor?

Begin With The End In Mind

Strong teens become strong adults. Strong adults form strong families and strong families form strong communities. What do you want your child's adult life to be like? Do you want them to continue to walk as strong Christians? Do you want them to make good choices and marry well and raise a solid family that also follows after God? These things don't happen by accident.

At Valor, we partner with parents to instill the following 3 things in each student:

1. Biblical Worldview

The Bible presents a complete way of viewing the world in it's entirety. Christians who adopt this view as their own see things differently than others. They know who God is, who they are, why they exist, and what God wants. They have the tools to understand both why secular culture is how it is and also what they can do about it. 

2. Academic Excellence

Historically, Christianity has been the primary driver of both scientific discovery and shaping our modern culture. As Christians, we have a unique advantage when it comes to learning about the world, since we know the One who made all things and know that as we study creation we learn more about Him. We encourage curiosity and creativity in the classroom and set an expectation of individualized growth for each student.

3. Good Character

Without good character, a quality education only empowers bad choices. Our goal is to equip each student with a foundation of good character traits, such as discipline, honesty and respect. These are the building blocks on which a successful future can be built.

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