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Answering "What Are Valor's Needs?"

People always ask us, "what do you still need?"

Here is a quick list of ways you, your family, your small group, your church and your business can impact students in a practical way.

Give To Our General Fund:

Did you know that just $7 gives a student 1 hour of instruction time at Valor. That is the same as an almond croissant and a small cup of joe at Starbucks.

This general fund provides for our operational needs to hire outstanding teachers, purchase curriculum, have needed supplies on hand, hire staff and so much more.

Our goal is to have financial partnerships with individuals, couples and businesses who see the value of a Christian High School in Sandpoint. These partnerships help our school focus on the needs of our students, staff and teachers without needing to continually fundraise.

Help Us Build Our Science Lab:

This is an image of the exact science kit we are needing for our Matter & Energy Science class. We need at least 3 kits for this year.

Kits are $510 each (with an email sign up they offer 10% off a purchase). If you wish to purchase go to:

Please let us know you purchased a kit by emailing

Help Us Build Our Library:

You've probably heard the quote (or one like it) "To introduce children to literature is to install in them a very rich and glorious kingdom." - Charlotte Mason. We believe that reading is very important for students; especially reading books that deepen their relationship with Christ, teach and equip.

At VCHS, we desire to provide students with wholesome resources that will equip them in their critical thinking skills, life skills, understanding of the world, and help to develop a love for learning.

Please help us build our library by making a donation to our library campaign. These funds will only be used to purchase items from our library wish list (on the campaign site). Books range from $5+ so every donation, big or small, will help!

NOTE: If you would like to purchase items directly from the wish list, please do so then email and she will remove the item(s) purchased!

THANK YOU for your support for Valor! Whether it is by praying, spreading the word, staying informed, giving, teaching, or sending a student, we are so grateful for you!


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