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Doug Pierce, Our New Board Member

Doug Pierce has been a Christian school teacher for twenty-one years. He has taught every grade from fourth to twelfth at three different schools. He is passionate about sharing Christ with students and teaching them how to learn. He is currently teaching a combined fifth-sixth grade class at Sandpoint Christian School.

He attended Pensacola Christian College, where he earned a B.A. in Youth Ministries and an M.A. in Bible Exposition. He attended Dallas Theological Seminary for a short while as well.

Doug has been married to his wife Jenny for twenty-eight years this August. They met at PCC and they have taught together at SCS for thirteen years. He and Jenny have four kids, and a new grandson named Samson.

He has been on church staff at two different churches in Texas. He believes in the power God has given the church to propagate the gospel both at home and abroad. He believes Valor will raise up godly young men and women who will impact the church and the world for God’s glory.

Doug enjoys reading, writing, and cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners in his spare time.


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