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Meet Joshua Howell

We are so happy to welcome Joshua Howell to our Valor staff. Joshua will be teaching Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Electives this year. We appreciate his enthusiasm for God's Word, mathematics, and creating a Godly culture in a brand new school.

Here's a little about Joshua:

I was born in Illinois and then moved to Missouri later in my childhood. I received a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from Indiana University East. I then moved to Idaho in 2019 and began my teaching career within the Christian Education world.

I absolutely love this area, and am excited about being in Sandpoint with all of God's

wonderful creation. One of my favorite things to do is cross the long bridge coming into Sandpoint with the mountains and the lake, it leaves me in awe of God's creation and feel truly blessed to live here.

Some of my hobbies include playing chess, swimming, camping, and playing music. I once played chess competitively, now it's just recreational, but always up for a good game. I have always enjoyed math from a young age and till today have a passion to help others understand and enjoy math too.


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