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School Is In Full Swing!

We could not be more grateful for our location, teachers, students, and school. We are finding our rhythm, troubleshooting issues, and building a Christ-centered culture.

A Glimpse into Student Life at Valor The classrooms have been overflowing with information. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects and there is a considerable amount to pack in a 4-day school week. The students feel like they are drinking from a fire hydrant at times but are managing very well. They are asking great questions, contributing during classroom discussions, and having "a ha" moments as they are gaining new knowledge! Students start the day with pledges and Bible class. They have seven 50 minute class periods with an hour off campus lunch with two classrooms and a gym that they alternate between.

Clubs In the coming weeks our student-interest & led clubs will be starting. In Homemaking Club students will learn to create budgets, meal plan, learn to bake bread, make simple meals, learn to sew on a button, and so much more. In our Leadership Club students will be helping to plan events like spirit week, grandparents day, dances, and more! We are grateful for the volunteers who are helping mentor our students.

Show Your Valor Spirit

We have VCHS merchandise available- hats, sunglasses, stickers, patches, and tees. Show your support of Valor, help get the word out about us, and support our mission (100% of proceeds support Valor).

Swing by the office, Tues-Fri 7:30-3:10, to purchase your Valor Swag!

Meet Our Office Administrator

You may recognize her if you've been following Valor's journey. Kiersten Patterson, co-founder and board member, is volunteering her time and expertise to be our office administrator. She is passionate about serving the teachers, students, and continuing the work necessary to make this school a success.


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